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The Ultimate Gift

No other gift packs as much excitement and acceleration as a red rush driving experience. With supercar circuits across the country, and the planet's most powerful performance cars to choose from; this really is the ultimate gift!

Restrictions:  Restriction 123,  Restriction 234,  Restriction 345,  Restriction 456,  Restriction 567, 

The Cars

There’s nothing subtle about Lamborghinis, these beasts are loud, proud and ludicrously fast! If the Lambo’s distinctive roar doesn’t turn heads their legendary luminous colours will, and when it comes to tearing round the track these devilish dream cars don’t disappoint.

Over the years the Gallardo has been upgraded to pack an even bigger punch, and in the super tweaked Gallardo LP560-4 you’ll hit a top speed of 202 mph! The standard Gallardo’s not exactly slow though, and it’s even used by the Italian police to keep criminals off the streets of Rome.

  • 3.4 SEC
  • £165k
  • 202 MPH


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