After years of arranging nothing more than a buffet and a night out as a Christmas treat for our office, I decided this year that the company should push the boat out and do something different to celebrate the season. After the great year the company has had, we need to send it off in style- and going for a night out on the town is nowhere near as stylish as it sounds when you get us together!

I couldn’t have been happier when I was nominated to get the party together, as after years of doing the same old things, it was time to shake things up a bit. It is hard to get excited by going on the same night out every time Mad Friday comes around, so I went out of my way to find a perfect activity. I didn’t want to choose anything anybody on the team had ever taken part in before, as I wanted it to be a completely unique experience. Everybody forgets office Christmas parties after they happen. I wanted to make sure nobody forgot this one in a hurry.

As I was looking through all the different adrenalin fuelled activities online, I wondered how I could make them feel festive. After all, a Christmas party has to actually feel like the most wonderful time of the year! This is when I stumbled upon The Big Shoot’s website, which had a cracking “Christmas Clays” option. I hadn’t considered taking part in clay shooting, but this was tailor made for our Christmas party.

When you work in sales, every day feels like a competition, as you all try and shift the most products in your team. I wanted to bring out that competitive edge in everybody as we took part in a clay shooting adventure. As soon as I suggested booking it to the team, they instantly broke out into an argument over who was the best shot. At that moment, I knew it was the perfect idea to book with The Big Shoot.

It couldn’t have been easier to book the Christmas clays package. I simply called up a member of the team and within five minutes, our spot at the shooting range was secure. All the other offices in our building were going to be jealous; they were spending the final day of the working year at their desks, whilst we were spending it shooting some clays out of the sky and blowing them to pieces! You couldn’t ask for a better way to send the year out.

When we got to the site, our team were all pumped and ready to show everybody what they were made of. The staff at the shooting range could clearly see it too and they were eager to get everybody trained. Even the training turned into a competition when you put all the team members together, as it became a race to see who could perfect their shot first! It was amazing how nobody had ever held a gun before, let alone fired one- yet after just a few minutes we were ready to take on the challenge.

The clay shooting action didn’t disappoint. We opted for the 25 clays each option, and the team were breathlessly hitting each of their clays from all angles, in a bid to the best in the office! We all had a cracking time and really want to return again. Thanks to the Big Shoot, we’ve had a Christmas party we’ll definitely never forget!